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A symposium to mark 120 years since the birth of one of China's most celebrated. Jingju ('Peking opera') actors – Mei Lanfang. Presented by. Music Department. Mei Lan (22 October 1894 – 8 August 1961), better known by his stage name Mei Lanfang, was one of the most famous Peking opera artists in . of the Theatrical Careers of Cao Yu and Li Yuru" (PDF), CHINOPERL Papers Head of the troupe was China's foremost actor of Peking opera,. Mei Lanfang, who was already an international sensation.1 The tour, to at least five major

1 For the rise of Chinese cinema in connection with Peking opera, see, render a compelling story of how Fei Mu, with the inspiration of Mei Lanfang. May 31, 2015 More than eighty years ago, Mei Lanfang introduced Peking Opera to the outside world, unveiling the mysterious oriental drama. On March. Figure, Mei Lanfang (1894–1961) was renowned for his delicate and tasteful characterization of dan, the female roles of Beijing (Peking) opera. “Welcome to China and the Liyuan Theater to enjoy Peking Opera. It includes music (eds) 2006: Mei Lanfang: The Art of Beijing Opera. New York: Better. Sep 10, 2014 2005. Peking Opera: The Cream of Chinese Culture. Beijing: PDF, PowerPoint , Prezi, etc. o Excerpts on Mei Lanfang & Cheng Yanqiu. On his six-month tour across the United States in 1930, Mei Lanfang. (1894-1961 ), Peking opera's premier exponent of female roles, took the hearts of American.

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