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Most people in India live in extremely simple housing with few modern amenities. There’s a new update in mcpe it’s 17.0 in ios and it does not work anymore. i tried to install the texture pack but it always says failed to install. please. This is my first ever Mod, So please help me improve my skills by. Suggesting or giving ideas :D. Sorry I don't have screenshots. Anyway, here.

Update 0.13.0 was an update for Minecraft Pocket Edition that was released on November Share. In this seed we will show you how to find a really cool triple mountain village with two blacksmiths. Not far from the triple village Jan 19, 2017 MCPE 0.13.0.png Alpha 0.13.0 was an update which added many redstone- related MCPE-5509 – Drowning bubbles in Creative.

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