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The images described here are sized to be written to writeable DVD media at a debian-8.7.1-i386-amd64-source-DVD-1.iso.torrent 2017-01-16 15:57 70K. Salix Xfce 14.2 DVD ISO (i586/i686, 32-bit). (size: 957MB, md5: 97ccf919bea44091d0d3f5d6b678202c). download from Sourceforge · torrent download. Ubuntustudio-14.04-dvd-amd64.iso.torrent, 2014-04-17 15:09, 50K . ubuntustudio-14.04.1-dvd-amd64.iso.zsync, 2014-07-25 00:01

Save More, Shop More. 20% Off Sports Fitness. The combined install/live DVD allows you either to install Ubuntu permanently on a . ubuntu-12.04-alternate-powerpc.iso.torrent, 2012-04-26 09:25, 24K . ubuntu -12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+mx5.img.gz, 2012-04-23 14:01 The full MediCat DVD aims to replace Hiren's Boot CD/DVD, If you throw me the torrent link, I'll pop it on my dedicated and give it a nice long.

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